Auto Migration FAQ
Auto Migration FAQs

Why is my price increasing?
Over the past two years, Frontier has made significant investments to upgrade our broadband network to deliver greater Internet speeds and provide more capacity so our valued customers can have improved performance. We have also updated our pricing plans to provide more flexible options to meet the varying needs of our customer base. As a result, older pricing plans are being discontinued, and existing month-to-month customers are being moved to our new service offerings.

What will be my new monthly rate?
The monthly rate for each customer will be determined by their current data services. We are transitioning each customer to a comparable data service with the new updated pricing plans. The new price will be "all-inclusive". No longer will you see additional charges for a modem fee or a surcharge for high-speed services.

The maximum increase any customer will see in their monthly bill will be $6.00. To find out the exact change to your bill, please contact our Customer Service department at 1.888.638.5200 and one of our US based consultants will gladly assist you.

When will I see the change in rate?
The new rate will be effective and reflected on your next month's bill.

Will there be future increases to my monthly charge?
Frontier reserves the right to evaluate and modify the pricing of our products and services. To avoid rate increases in the future, we encourage our customers to enter into a Price Protection Plan that will "lock-in" your competitive rate for a specified term.

Are there any new offers available?
You can take advantage of discounts when you select our "all-in" double or triple play offers with a one or two year price protection plan. Call us at 1.888.638.5200 to speak to one of our consultants for more details.

Where can I get more information on other Frontier plans?
Please call us at 1.888.638.5200 regarding Frontier's Internet, Phone, and Video solutions. You can also learn about our faster Internet speeds...up to 25 Mbps....that may be available in your area.