Frontier Broadband
500 MB = $5.00
1 GB = $8.00
2 GB = $15.00

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Purchase Additional Data Capacity Tokens

Frontier Satellite Broadband service plan offerings are consumption based. You are allocated a specific monthly download allowance based on your Service Plan.

Sometimes you might want to reset your allowance without waiting for the Recovery Zone to end. For these occasions, please purchase one of the Restoral Tokens – a service that instantly resets your Download Allowance and lifts the speed restrictions.

Available tokens are as follows:

The Token Order process can take up to four minutes to complete. As your order is processing, please do not close your browser or click the Back button.

Need assistance purchasing tokens? Call atphoneIcon 1.877.451.1801

Monitor Monthly Usage

The Download Allowance is the amount of data which can be downloaded without restriction within the monthly billing cycle.

  • meter status
  • To access the status meter, look in your system tray and click on the Status Meter icon.

Bonus Period (2am to 8am, Local Time)

Many Frontier Broadband service plans are assigned a separate allocation of Bonus Bytes, and a corresponding Bonus Period. The Bonus Period is a time of day during which you have access to Bonus Bytes. During the Bonus Period, your usage is first deducted from your Bonus Bytes allowance, if available, for full speed service. If your Bonus Bytes allowance is empty, then your usage is deducted from your Anytime Data Allowance, if available, for full speed service. In other words, your Bonus Bytes provide a special pool which is used automatically during the Bonus Period, giving you access to more usage at full speed. The Bonus Period is 2AM to 8AM, Local Time.

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