Customer Profile
Customer Profile - Local Services

CLECs interested in doing business with Frontier are required to provide Customer Profile data for Local Services. The data required includes Carrier Identification, 911 Information as well as Ordering, Billing, Provisioning and Escalation information specific to your company.

To establish a profile, the CMAQ form must be completed, along with the Frontier Connectivity Form, and submitted to the Frontier Connectivity Team via email to:

Subsequent Customer Profile Activity:

Customer Informational Changes:

These updates should be submitted to Frontier using the CLEC Master Account Questionnaire (CMAQ) form. The CLEC customer will be expected to submit an updated CMAQ form via email to: Please advise what is changing on the form to avoid any delays. Any unclear request for change will be returned as incomplete. An example would include a change of telephone number and/or email address for the CLEC contact.


Customers who had opted for line loss reports (a.k.a. Provider Notification Reports) using CPSST will now have access to the line loss reports and other reports on the Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) by clicking: Login Here