Healthcare Solutions
Frontier Enterprise Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Today's healthcare providers face increased expectations from patients, stringent  patient data privacy requirements, and pressure to control costs. Frontier offers specialized services geared towards the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. Our services are designed to help you focus on what you do best—care for patients.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access

IP-driven healthcare facilities are built upon fast and reliable dedicated Internet access services. Frontier's high bandwidth DIA service gives you an end-to-end broadband network that supports critical hospital and patient services including EMS Mobility, Teleradiology, and multiple wireless data diagnostic and critical care monitoring applications.

Frontier WiFi

Wi-Fi Mobility

Doctors, patients, and other healthcare employees have come to expect Wi-Fi to be available, easy to use and always accessible. Frontier makes it easy and worry-free with Wi-Fi solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Simply choose the coverage area you desire, and we’ll design a network that meets your needs Including nurses’ stations, waiting rooms, labs and surgical suites, patient rooms, and even outdoor areas.

  • There’s no upfront capital outlay
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Support by local Frontier experts
  • Optional surveillance cameras will give you enhanced security throughout your facility.
  • Mobile, highly secure LAN access to patient billing and medical records
  • On-site wireless broadband Internet access for patients and visitors
  • Health solutions enablement
    • - Wireless patient diagnostic and charting telemetry
    • - EMS mobility and Critical Care monitoring
    • - High bandwidth Telemedicine and remote diagnostics
    • - Wireless patient call and "panic" buttons
  • Wireless voice, data and video solutions transport - Frontier
    Wi-Fi supports a variety of wireless mobility capabilities.
Business Voice Services

Business Voice Services

Whether you’re in the office, at a branch location or on the road you can respond to questions from clients or colleagues as soon as they arise. Frontier’s unlimited local, statewide or nationwide calling plans help you manage costs. And features such as voicemail and call forwarding make sure you and your staff can deliver the service your clients expect—all day, every day.

Frontier Data Backup & Recovery

Managed IT Services

Whether you are a business owner or an IT decision maker you know that advanced technology drives strategic initiatives.  However, you find your staff bogged down by mundane, low-value tasks like desktop support, system updates and responding to fire drills.  Instead, they need to focus on strategic initiatives that fuel business growth.   If that describes your situation, it’s time to check out Frontier Managed IT Services.

Communications and Network Equipment

Communications and Network Equipment

Frontier offers a wide range of business phone systems, IP network switches and routers, and IP Office Management Systems from some of the most prominent providers in the world—platforms and components manufactured by Mitel, Avaya, ADTRAN and Cisco. Fully integrated with Frontier products and services, they provide world class end-to-end solutions for your facility.


Managed Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networking (IP VPN)

Frontier's Virtual Private Networking service gives you secure internal and remote communications that support medical imaging, telemedicine, video conferencing, and electronic medical record exchange.

icon VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions

Our VoIP services provide high quality, low rate structures, and full interoperability with IP Office Management and CPE communications platforms. They’re delivered over T1 or Ethernet to deliver fast, reliable and high performance voice and data transport through a single and economical connection.