FiOS® TV Programming

FiOS® has a wide variety of programming available: music, special events, on demand, a variety of languages, and more about music channels, On Demand, pay-per-view or special events, HDTV, programming in languages other than English, and future programming.

The following guides will help you get familiar with your services and your local channel lineup. Be sure to download and print them for your convenience.

Programming Updates:

  • For customers in Indiana, Oregon and Washington: Horse Racing TV (HRTV) has changed its name to TVG2 and may be found on channel 316.
  • For customers in Washington: On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, COMET, a new channel dedicated to sci-fi entertainment, will replace THIS TV on channel 464 in SD.
  • For customers in Washington and Oregon: On Thursday, November 12, 2015, TBS and TNT are switching to a new Western Time Zone feed. This new feed will replace the current Eastern Time Zone feed.

    On or after November 12, if you have any scheduled recordings for these 2 channels, please reset your DVR. For full instructions refer to pages 17–19 in the pdf-icon Complete FiOS® Instruction Booklet. The basic steps are:
    1. Review your scheduled recordings. Press the DVR button on your remote control or select DVR from the Main Menu and view your scheduled shows and series.
    2. Cancel any scheduled recordings for TBS and TNT. Select View Schedule from the DVR menu, highlight the program to cancel and press OK, then press Cancel.
    3. Set up new recordings for these channels.
    By switching to the Western Time Zone feed you'll be able to watch your favorite shows at the time they are intended to air. We hope this will be more convenient for you. TNT is currently seen in SD on Channel 51 and in HD on Channel 551. TBS is currently seen in SD on Channel 52 and in HD on Channel 552. This change applies to both the HD and SD feeds for both channels.
  • For customers in Indiana and Oregon: On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, El Rey is being added to the Extreme package on channel 234 in SD and channel 734 in HD. On Friday, January 1, 2016, Univision Deportes is being added to the Extreme package on channel 1524 in SD and channel 1539 in HD. Both channels will continue to be available in the La Conexion and Spanish packages.
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