Online Bill Pay Terms

Online Bill Pay Terms & Conditions

Paying your bill:

Your payment must be posted by the due date noted on your bill. Please allow up to 3 days for processing of your payment. If you need to make an immediate payment to have your service reconnected or to avoid interruption of service please contact customer service. Do not use Frontier Online Bill Pay for past due accounts.

Account Information:

Frontier Online Bill Pay uses email as the primary source of communication to you, our customer. As a customer you will be notified when your statements are available online or if a payment cannot be processed. You also have the ability to select if you would like to be notified when there is payment confirmation or when a recurring payment instruction is about to expire. It is important to insure that if your e-mail address changes, you update your profile once you log in to Frontier Online Bill Pay.

Late Fees:

If your payment is not received by the due date, applicable late fees may apply.

Scheduled Payments:

This service allows you, as a consumer, the ability to schedule payments for specific dates that are convenient for you. Your scheduled payments can be changed or cancelled by you at any time prior to being sent to your bank for processing. As such, Frontier will not accept scheduled payments on this system as proof of payment until that payment has been marked as "PAID" on the payment history screen.

Questions about your Bill:

For detail of rates, charges, conditions and description of services, feel free to contact customer service.

Consumer Rights Message:

As a customer you are responsible for all legitimate charges on your telephone bill. Non-payment of service charges can result in disconnection of your service and/or collection action. If this bill is not paid by the "Current Amount Due By" date your service may be disconnected. To avoid this inconvenience please pay upon receipt of the bill.

Frontier and other carriers providing you service have a toll-free number on the summary portion of your bill for inquiries about changes or to dispute charges. If you have any questions about your charges, call the number listed on the summary page of your bill for the carrier providing the service.

Suspension or Unavailability of Frontier Online Bill Pay:

Frontier reserves the right to cancel access to this service if there is reason to believe that the account is being unlawfully accessed or payments are being processed using fraudulent information. Frontier reserves the right to modify or withdraw Frontier Online Bill Pay service and is not responsible for any service unavailability.