Adrian Alonso

Adrian Alonso

Manager, Network Operations

Michael C. Flynn Adrian Alonso is a Network Operations Manager in Allen, Texas. He is in his twelfth year with the company and held numerous positions including local manager, field supervisor and several Network Operations Center (NOC) titles. Currently he is responsible for conversion work as it relates to the NOC.

Adrian is working on his bachelor's degree in business finance through the University of Texas at Dallas.

He joined the United States Marines in 1996. After basic training he spent two years in Pensacola, Florida in an electronics school to become a Marine Air Traffic Control RADAR Technician. Adrian was assigned to 29 Palms in the California desert as part of the Marine Wing Support Squadron 374, the air traffic support unit. He participated in combined arms exercise programs. His next assignment took him to Fort Worth, Texas where he joined the Marine Air Control MAC24 squadron. Adrian received an honorable discharge in 2000 and served in the Active Reserves until 2003.

Adrian loves that Frontier is focused on our military veterans, appreciates their military training, leadership skills, and strives to give them a job in appreciation for their service. He continues to participate in Toys for Tots each year and was a mentor for returning veterans through the American Corporate Partners program.