Branden Piper

Branden Piper

Technical Supervisor - Sun Prairie, WI

Michael C. Flynn Branden Piper joined Frontier in November 2011 as a Technical Supervisor in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Branden attended Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin and is finishing his Bachelor of Science degree in technology management at Herzing University, Madison, Wisconsin.

Following high school Branden served in the United States Army for three years as a wire and cable system installer. He completed one year of college and hired on with a cable company for two years. As a member of the National Guard infantry unit, Branden spent six months in Mississippi and was deployed to northeast Baghdad, Iraq for 13 months.

After four years back home in the private sector, Branden returned to Iraq as a civilian contractor. The toughest part for him was being away from his two-year-old son, but using Skype helped stay in touch with his family.

While in Iraq, Branden searched the Internet for job openings with Frontier. He applied for a position online and since he had no ready access to a telephone, he had two job interviews over Skype. Branden was offered the position when he was home on leave and went back to Iraq to resign his position with his employer. He appreciates Frontier's willingness to work with him as he fulfilled his commitment in the Middle East and addressed the challenges of being halfway around the world.

Branden said that as he searched for jobs, he found that Frontier often popped up on websites such as "Hire a Vet" and suggests that Frontier also attend job fairs to reach local veterans.