Christina Schimmel

Christina Schimmel

Senior Manager - Fort Wayne, IN

Michael C. FlynnWhen Christina graduated from high school in 1989, she thought the college route was the way to go. After all, that's what her friends were doing.

So she enrolled in Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio where she attended three semesters before leaving and moving to Florida. Christina felt like there was something more that she needed to do and college just wasn't the answer at the time.

In August of 1990, while in Florida she enlisted in the Air National Guard (ANG) and entered boot camp. It was the challenge she was looking for. After completing basic training, Christina earned the rank of Airman 1st Class and was immediately given leadership duties.

Then came Desert Shield followed by Desert Storm. She was a part of a combat communications team that provided direct support to the Joint Chiefs of Staff directing the war from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. Under the pressures of war and with the importance of communications to the success of our soldiers, Christina was molded into what she wanted to be, a confident leader who was ready to tackle anything.

Following 8 years in the ANG and achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant, she joined Frontier in 2000 as a central office technician in Roanoke, Virginia where her military experience began to pay off. In short order she was promoted to central office supervisor. After moving onto manage in the Network Control Center and then in the Virginia Dispatch and Test Center, Christina continued to accept a series of greater leadership positions which eventually brought her to Fort Wayne.

Now she serves as a senior manager in charge of Customer Insights in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she conducts market research and helps lead efforts to provide Frontier customers with the most robust service experience possible.

When asked what her military experience did for her, she answers, "the military changed me." It has given her the discipline and confidence to not only attack any challenge but become a leader in transforming those around her. The military gave her the foundation to analyze situations, even the most stressful, and to step back or rise above the emotion and look at each situation logically.

"My time in the military shaped me from an adolescent to an adult ready to take on any challenge without hesitating," Christina added. "It influences how I approach my duties every day and Frontier is the direct benefactor of that experience."