Michael Flynn

Michael C. Flynn

Area President Mid-Atlantic Region

Michael C. Flynn Mike Flynn became Area President for the Mid-Atlantic Region of Frontier Communications in September 2014.

Based in Charleston, W. VA., Mr. Flynn oversees all operations, residential, and commercial sales and customer experience functions for the region which includes Illinois, Ohio and West Virginia.

He previously served as President – State of Illinois, where he was responsible for all Frontier customers across Illinois. He also served as Senior Vice President/GM for all operational aspects in Illinois.

Mr. Flynn previously was Vice President and GM for the Midwest, where he was fully responsible for all customer support and operations in Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. He previously served as Vice President, Field Operations for the Great Lakes, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, ensuring that all field operational aspects were met.

Prior to joining Frontier in 1989, Mr. Flynn ran the state of Indiana for the Verizon as Director of Customer Operations and later as a Regional Director, responsible for installation/repair, Sales, and Marketing for FiOS, a fully fiber-optic network in Fort Wayne, Ins.

What prepared Mike for this outstanding telecommunications career? Mike credits his military experience and education. He earned a B.S. in Applied Science/Engineering from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He also served in active duty as an officer in the U.S. Navy from 1980-1989 and later in the Naval Reserves, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander. His service included missions in the Persian Gulf in 1987.

Regarding his military experience and his tenure with Frontier, Mike says:

"I couldn't be prouder of the young men and women that I had the privilege to serve with in the Navy. There were many events and impact training cycles that chiseled my understanding of leadership and aided in my building a team committed to excellence that I use every day here at Frontier.

"I would say the most harrowing experience that melded my ideas of personal leadership was definitely when our sister ship the USS Stark was shot by two Exocet missiles from an Iraqi F-1 Mirage in May 1987 while we were both in the Persian Gulf on a peace keeping mission. (Attack on the USS Stark) We were there to keep the Persian Gulf shipping lanes open – very much what the Navy continues to do to this very day.

"You learn a lot about yourself when you're in harm's way and committed to the safety of your team. Shortly after the attack and ever-vigilant of possible repeat attacks on patrol near the Straits of Hormuz (in range of Chinese Silkworm missile batteries on the coast!), I made the longest but most important phone call in my life! My call was from the Persian Gulf to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida where Mary, my wife and I lived. We spoke over a MARS link (Military Affiliate Radio Station on board USS Stephen W. Groves My Ship) to an Aircraft Carrier in the Red Sea, then by an HF Ham operator in Germany who linked us to a Ham Radio operator in Connecticut. He patched the simplex call into Sprint Long Lines to my Florida home. Mary was very glad to hear my voice since little was known of the Gulf situation other than a US Naval Ship was attacked by an Iraqi fighter aircraft and there were known casualties.

"From that experience I learned a lot about leadership, the world, and why family and freedom are important. I cherish the time I had in the Navy and sleep well knowing other young men and women are now where I was, keeping liberty alive and the hopes of many around the world who long for peace, a peace we sometimes take for granted here at home. I salute the military forces and praise Frontier for taking an active role in support of our vets and active service members, who live in harm's way so we may know and live with a true sense of freedom!"

Dan McCarthy, President and Chief Executive Officer, noted, “Mike’s operational background, senior leadership positions and distinguished military career position him perfectly to lead the Mid-Atlantic Region. He will provide strong and value-based leadership to our employees and put our customers first. He is a technically savvy, community-focused executive who leads by example and who has met with many employees and community leaders. We are confident that state, federal and local leaders will appreciate Mike’s experience, demeanor and leadership style. Mike is a great example of the dedicated military veterans who provide extraordinary leadership to Frontier's day-to-day operations."

"Brothers in Harm's way -- Persian Gulf, July 1987" After the USS Stark attack, Mike Flynn, LT USN (left) and his older brother Don Flynn, Senior Chief Master at Arms in front of the SM-1 SAM missle battery on USS Flatley. Mike is now Area President-Mid-Atlantic for Frontier Communications, and Don is now a Memphis Police Officer after having served our country for over 20 years in the US Navy. (Note: Mike says, "I was leaving the Persian Gulf and Don was just getting there – My mom? She was very nervous, as she had a son in harm's way 10 of the 12 months in 1987.")

Mike Flynn
(center) with Vice ADM Cotton, Chief of Naval Reserve (left) in Memorial Hall at the United States Naval Academy and Mike's roommate from the US Naval Academy, RADM Ken Braithwaite, Vice Chief of Naval Information.