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The future of how we watch sports is in limbo—until 2021

Expiring sports media rights deals are expected to open the floodgates for new and bigger bids.

Quartz October 14, 2018

The Appeal of Regional Sports Networks

Sports networks are expensive because the bulk of their content comes from licensing sports rights which are getting more expensive.

Axios November 27, 2018

Sports are Becoming Expensive for TV networks

The cost of distribution rights for every major televised sport in the United States is more than the ad revenue TV channels get from airing those sports. We are quickly approaching a tipping point in which traditional TV providers will no longer be able to justify the cost of carrying sports.

Axios September 20, 2017

Sports Media Rights to Soar to $23B in 2021, PwC Report Says

Sports rights cost networks an arm and a leg and part of the other leg. The NFL will rake in $67 billion over the life of its current TV deal, while Disney/Turner's newish pro hoops pact will funnel $24 billion into the NBA's coffers between now and the end of the 2024-25 season.

AdAge December 11, 2017

Murdochs Say Retrans Rates Could Rise 'Aggressively' at New Fox

21st Century Fox executive chair Lachlan Murdoch says the addition of 'Thursday Night Football' will make retransmission consent fees for its broadcast stations rise.

MultiChannel News February 7, 2018

AT&T-Time Warner trial: Sports rights fees shock judge

The judge presiding over the U.S. government’s antitrust trial against AT&T and Time Warner expressed shock at the amount of money Turner pays for live sports rights. The network pays $2 billion annually in deals with the NBA, NCAA and other sports properties.

Fox Business March 28, 2018

Twitter, YouTube, Amazon and Verizon are competing for streaming rights to the NFL’s ‘Thursday Night Football’

Twitter, Amazon, YouTube and Verizon are the remaining bidders, according to multiple sources. Twitter paid $10 million for these digital streaming rights from the NFL in 2016; Amazon won them in 2017 for $50 million, with the latest renewal going for much more.

Redcode February 15, 2018