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You've found it – your info-tainment
center for all things Frank.

All About Frank

Get to know the lovable buffalo, Frank — his likes, dislikes
and all the things that make Frank the buffalo that he is...

Frank's Facts

Frontier Frank

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Frank's given name is Francis Abraham Buffalo, but you
can call him Frank. He has a backstory: married, the
father of two teenagers, ran track through college, started
a small business with classmates after graduation and
he's currently involved with a local theater group.

Local Theatre Group

Involved in his
local theatre group

Ran Track

Ran track
in college

Weighs over 2000 pounds

Weighs over
2,000 pounds

Can jump 6 feet vertically

Can jump 6'

Horns can grow up to 2 feet

Horns can
grow up to 2'

Runs 35-40 mph

35-40 mph

Frank's Arcade

The place where you can play all of Frank's
exciting games anytime, day or night!

Frank's Fan Zone

Of course Frank has fans — and of course
we've got
lots of fun Frank stuff to keep
his fans happy. Click on
a wallpaper to
see all the downloadable sizes.