Important Information for Minnesota Customers

Contact Frontier

Call us at the specific number below to reach the most appropriate Frontier staff who can best address your concern:

Contact Frontier

Internet or Video Service

(Billing, Orders, Repairs or Troubles)


Voice Telephone service

(Billing, Orders, Repairs or Troubles)


Medical Emergency Priority

Important information about priority medical emergency status

Customers who submit a completed medical certification will receive priority handling by all Frontier representatives with respect to service installation and repair. Frontier will restore service of customers with priority medical emergency status at all hours, consistent with the medical needs of the customer and personal safety of utility personnel.

For further information or to enroll, go to, or contact Frontier customer service at 1.877.414.4777.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission can also assist you if you experience problems. Contact them at: 1.651.296.0406 or 1.800.657.3782

Report a Safety Issue

To report safety or service-affecting conditions regarding Frontier cables or facilities:

  • Call 1.888.671.6122,
  • Email, or
  • Write to:
    Plant Damage Report
    Frontier Communications
    2378 Wilshire Boulevard
    Mound, MN 55364