Remembering All Military Lives Lost, and the Families Left Behind

Frontier Editorial Team
Honor and Remember flag
Honor and Remember Flag; Photo Courtesy of Honor and Remember

Over the past five years Frontier Communications has been building its relationship with the Honor and Remember organization. Memorial Day brings to the forefront the work that this organization does year after year for our fallen heroes.

The Honor and Remember mission focuses on two areas: national recognition of the Honor and Remember flag in appreciation of all military lives lost and the families left behind; and making personalized flag presentations to every immediate family member who has lost a loved one.“In order to accomplish these goals, awareness is of utmost importance”, says George Lutz Founder of Honor and Remember.

“Our relationship with Frontier has encompassed the growing footprint of the company, and has consistently allowed us to partner and reach hundreds of Gold Star families with the distinct tribute of a personalized Honor and Remember flag”, ads Lutz.

Another positive outcome of the partnership with Honor and Remember has been the increasing employee communication and awareness highlighting the importance of remembrance. This has been accomplished through corporate communication as well as signage in lobbies and flags hanging or flying.

“Looking ahead one of the most important programs that we began several years ago is our Honor and Remember Month of May campaign”, says Lutz.

George Lutz
George Lutz, Founder of Honor and Remember; Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Review Journal

“During each day of the month we encourage individuals, businesses and corporations to post and share the stories of their local Heroes on social media and onsite at physical locations. It is our hopes that by displaying our Heroes throughout the month they will become a much greater appreciation of Memorial Day”.

During the month, the organization also encourages the displaying of Honor and Remember flags across our nation in tribute to our fallen military, and as a visible thank you to the families.

Companies can also display the Honor and Remember logo and incorporate it into mail pieces, emails and other items during the month of May to continue to create awareness. Honor and Remember created a major labeling project with a national water distributor.

Honor and Remember Badge

“Another important program run by our organization is the institution of what we call the “Flag Flash”. Any individual or group can hold up an Honor and Remember flag and simply say “we Honor and Remember”. This can include saying a Hero by name if they know someone or be generic. Record on your phone for ten seconds or less and post on social media tagging Honor and Remember Official page. This will create enthusiasm, patriotism and remembrance,” says Lutz.

Next year Honor and Remember will be organizing, along with Run for the Fallen, the largest national tribute ever conceived: running 6,000 miles over 5 months, covering 19 states and honoring 20,000 heroes.

In addition to these opportunities Honor and Remember, continually plan state Run for the Fallen events that are community oriented, involve days of tribute, and incorporate hundreds of participants. Currently they are held in Virginia, New York, Indiana and Arizona. Volunteers and funding are needed to accomplish each state’s event.

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