Enhanced Network • Leading-Edge Services
Commitment to Veterans & Community

Enhanced Networks

Invested nearly $540 million since 2011 in the New York network.

Significantly invested in our network and equipment to offer faster broadband speeds to approximately 85,000 New York households in the upgraded service areas. The increased capacity and reliability is especially important for households with multiple simultaneous Internet users and with the prevalence of the Internet of Things -- new technologies and devices that connect with each other via the Internet.

Leading Edge Services

Metro-Ethernet is 100% available throughout Frontier’s NY footprint.

Partnering with Hamilton County, Frontier was awarded a New York State broadband grant to upgrade 17 remote access nodes to Internet speed capabilities as fast as 40 Mbps. This initiative provided approximately 2,500 households in rural Hamilton County with access to premium broadband services.

Frontier New York Fast Facts

  • Frontier is the second largest ILEC in NY State, serving 38 counties and covering more than13,500 square miles.
  • Approximately 2,400 employees throughout New York State.
  • Recipient, NYS Broadband Program Office - 2015 Economic Leadership Award.
  • Recipient, NYS Broadband Program Office - 2015 Most Innovative Project Award.

Commitment to Veterans & Communities

Veterans, reservists and their spouses represent more than 1 out of every 10 Frontier employees.

Proud contributor to the 100,000 Jobs Mission – a nationwide effort to hire 100,000 transitioning military veterans by 2020 – and also the Honor and Remember and Joining Forces initiatives.

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