Our reliable home phone service give you peace of mind.

Our reliability gives you peace of mind. A must-have for alarm system set-up and emergencies, your safety is our priority. Frontier offers home phone service for local and long distance calling including customer favorite features such as Caller ID and call waiting. You won't mind the reliability and crystal-clear calls that Frontier's network provides.
Frontier voice services

Digital Phone Essentials

Get unlimited local calling and 30 minutes of domestic long-distance per month, plus popular calling features.
Voice Unlimited

Digital Phone Unlimited

Our Essentials package, plus unlimited local AND domestic long-distance and Voice Mail.

Frontier Phone

Reliable home phone service.

Affordable, clear phone calls.

We understand you have a busy lifestyle which means no time for dropped calls or figuring out how to have a conversation over a poor connection. Frontier Phone service offers home phone service packages for local and long-distance calling with popular features such as Caller ID and call waiting. 911 calling capability and alarm system setup? Rest assured your safety is important to us.

We work for your 24/7. Our reliable copper power stays on even when the power goes out or in an emergency (corded phone required).

Frontier Phone service has a Price Protection Plan available to guarantee a great price. Our Digital Phone Essentials Package has unlimited local calling and 30 minutes of nationwide long-distance per month. Enjoy rollover minutes as an added benefit. Alternatively, our Unlimited plan includes our Essentials package, plus voicemail, and offers unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling to keep you clear of overage charges.

For Illinois customers, our Phone Extra and Phone Plus packages are also available, which deliver landline service to your home at an affordable price.

Need more info? Visit our Frontier Help Center. We believe in quality service which is why our Technical and Customer Support teams are available 24/7.

Calls to Mexico and Canada are now available to existing customers who upgrade to a new bundle or single play with Digital Phone Unlimited.

Service subject to availability. Pricing may vary by location. Customer must have Frontier set as their long-distance service provider. Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance minutes exclude 900, international, directory assistance and dial-up Internet calls. Customers with usage inconsistent with normal residential voice applications and usage patterns may be required either to select another Frontier long distance plan that charges for all long distance calls or to cancel service. Calls to Directory Assistance and Operator Services will incur additional charges at the then-tariffed rates. Subscriber Line Charge, taxes, and surcharges apply. Offer does not include Battery Backup, Inside Wire Maintenance. International Calling Plans are available at an additional price. Your Frontier VoIP phone service, including 911 service, will not function without electrical or battery backup power. In the event of a power outage, you may not be able to make calls and you should ensure that you have a functioning battery backup for the Residential Gateway (RG) or the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), or an alternate means of calling 911. Battery backup is an optional product and can be purchased separately. Get ordering information at frontier.com/batterybackup. Installation and activation charges may apply. Taxes, governmental and other Frontier-imposed surcharges apply. Other restrictions apply.

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