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Your Frontier solutions specialist knows American hospitality like nobody else. You’ll find a wealth of ideas to increase RevPAR as well as guest satisfaction with everything from mobile Wi-Fi and HD television to voice and video conferencing and more.

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Wi-Fi Mobility

Guests, employees and professional event planners expect Wi-Fi to be available at all hotels, motels, resorts and timeshares. Wi-Fi is an important incentive for guests who want the convenience and flexibility of fast, secure wireless Internet access. Making your property Wi-Fi enabled keeps you ahead of the competition in the eyes of your guests for whom "anytime, anywhere" connectivity is a necessity.

  • There’s no upfront capital outlay
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Support by local Frontier experts
  • Optional surveillance cameras will give you enhanced
    security throughout your facility.


Business Voice Services

Whether you’re in the office, at a branch location or on the road you can respond to questions from clients or colleagues as soon as they arise. Frontier’s unlimited local, statewide or nationwide calling plans help you manage costs. And features such as voicemail and call forwarding make sure you and your staff can deliver the service your clients expect—all day, every day.


A fast and reliable Internet and data connection is essential for running computerized guest reservation and energy management systems, outfitting hotel business and fitness centers with the latest technology, and keeping up with guests who are performing bandwidth-intensive activities online. Frontier provides the Internet access solutions you need, including:

  • Business High-Speed Internet (BHSI) with download speeds
    up to 12 Mbps.
  • Dedicated Internet access with interfaces ranging from up
    to 2 Mbps to 10 GigE.
  • Metro Ethernet services with port speeds up to 10 Gbps

Managed IT Services

Whether you are a business owner or an IT decision maker you know that advanced technology drives strategic initiatives. However, you find your staff bogged down by mundane, low-value tasks like desktop support, system updates and responding to fire drills. Instead, they need to focus on strategic initiatives that fuel business growth. If that describes your situation, it’s time to check out Frontier Managed IT Services.

Communications and Network Equipment

Frontier offers a wide range of business phone systems, IP network switches and routers, and IP Office Management Systems from some of the most prominent providers in the world—platforms and components manufactured by Mitel, Avaya, ADTRAN and Cisco. Fully integrated with Frontier products and services, they provide world class end-to-end solutions for your facility.

Hosted VoIP

Frontier Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) routes voice calls over IP networks, reduces costs and enables features that increase satisfaction for your employees and guests. Hosted VoIP provides quality of service and security for employees and guests. It includes Internet access, video and data services. You’ll also enjoy:

  • Lower costs for local, long distance and international calling.
  • Lower capital expenses.
  • Fewer worries—no need for hardware and software upgrades
    associated with equipment ownership.