"How to Read Your Bill: Residential Paper Bill" Transcript

In this video you'll learn how to read and understand your residential paper bill. On the first page of your Frontier bill, you'll find your Account Summary. That includes your account number and PIN, billing date, new charges due, payments received, balance forward, and the total amount due.

We make it easy to pay your bill. You can pay online at frontier.com or on the MyFrontier mobile app. If you're registered for Auto Pay, your payment will be made on your normally scheduled due date. If you're not signed up for Auto Pay, register at frontier.com.

Want to make your payment by phone? Have your account number handy and call 1.800.801.6652. If you’d like to make your payment by mail, make sure to include the payment stub. You can also make a payment in person.

Doing business with Frontier is easy. While you're on frontier.com, you can chat live with a representative or visit our Help Center at frontier.com/helpcenter. To contact us by phone, call 1.800.921.8101.

On page three, you'll find a breakdown of the activity that occurred on your account during the past billing cycle. The Frontier Monthly Service Charges section displays the billing service dates for your current monthly charges. This is where you'll see the amount billed for services like broadband and telephone. If you have a service promotion the start and end dates will be listed to the right of the packages. Under Other Service Charges and Credits, you'll see the service credits, surcharges, late fees, and partial month charges. Partial month charges occur when you add or remove services from your account in the middle of a billing cycle. Taxes and Other Charges show any state and Federal taxes that may have been applied to your bill. The sum of your monthly services charges, other service charges and credits, and taxes and other charges is listed at the bottom of the detailed summary, simply labeled Total.

As supporting information, the last page of the bill shows in-depth details of taxes and other charges. To the right of that you'll find important customer information like program changes, changes in rates, and frequently asked questions about account services.

Thank you for being a Frontier customer.

¿Aún necesitas ayuda? Llama al 1.800.921.8101 o Chatea en vivo

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