Service Disconnection and Account Closure

When you disconnect your Frontier services and close your account, you may have questions about your final bill and the charges you'll see. Here's what you need to know.

Q: I switched my phone service to another provider. Do I need to tell Frontier?

A: If you have no other Frontier services, such as internet or TV, no further action is required. You will find helpful information below about your final bill.

If you switched your phone service but still have internet or TV service from Frontier, it's important that you Chat with Customer Service to be sure your billing is updated as needed.

Q: When should I expect to receive my final bill?

A: Your bill(s) will be sent on your regular monthly billing date. It may take 1–2 months after you disconnect service for any outstanding charges to clear. As a result, you may receive more than one invoice, each detailing different charges, as we work through the account closure process. Please note, you are responsible for all charges incurred prior to the date of service disconnection even if they are not billed until after that date.

Q: How are the charges calculated?

A: Frontier Subscribers are billed one full month in advance and TV and Internet services are sold on a monthly subscription basis. When you cancel your TV and/or Internet service subscription, termination of your service subscription(s) and any early termination fees will be effective on the last day of your Frontier billing cycle. No partial month credits or refunds will be provided for previously billed TV and Internet service subscriptions.

The following fees may appear on your final bill(s):

  • Early Termination Fee
    If you cancel service before the end of a special promotional offer and its subsequent renewal periods, you are responsible for paying any applicable Early Termination Fee. Please refer to your bill to determine the dates of your promotional offer.
  • Residential Broadband Processing Fee
    If you choose to disconnect your Internet service (after your first 30 days of service), a $10 processing fee will apply.
  • Other Charges and Fees
    Any outstanding charges which may include Long Distance, Video on Demand, Pay Per View, and other usage charges.
Example of the charges on a final bill when Frontier service has been disconnected

A sample list of final bill charges you may see.

Q: How do I pay my final bill?

A: You can pay your final bill as usual—through Auto Pay, online, Express Pay, MyFrontier App, by phone, by mail, in person, or Agent-Assisted Payment. If you use Frontier's online bill pay service, you have an additional 30 days after your disconnection date to access the online system to download your past bills, pay your bill, or otherwise review your account.

For your convenience, your Auto Pay is NOT de-enrolled when you disconnect service. Any final charges (Long Distance, Early Termination Fee, or other) will be included in the final bill auto pay draft.

Q: What if I have a credit balance and Frontier owes me a refund?

A: Frontier will issue you a pre-paid MasterCard, which may take up to 60 days to arrive. Be sure to give us your correct mailing address if you're moving.

Q: How do I follow up once I disconnect my service?

A: If you have any billing questions, chat with us.

Be sure to return your Frontier equipment within 30 days of your Disconnect Date.

To avoid non-returned equipment charges, you must return Frontier equipment (Internet Routers, DVRs, and Set-Top Boxes) within 30 days of the date of your disconnection. You will incur non-returned equipment charges for any equipment returned later than 30 days following disconnection.

It's easy to return your equipment (if required)

  1. On your disconnect date we'll send you a prepaid return mailer. If you're moving, let us know your new address and when you'll get there.
  2. Pack up your equipment in the boxes we send you. Use the pre-paid return shipping labels we provide.
  3. If you need more boxes or labels, order them at
¿Necesitas ayuda? Llama al 1.800.921.8101 o Chatea en vivo

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