"Frontier Secure - Equipment Protection Plans" Transcript

“Oops, sorry Mom”, your teenage son says after he spills his sports drink all over your laptop keyboard. “Oops, oh shoot!” you think to yourself as you roll over in bed onto your e-reader and you hear a loud crack. You’re watching the final game of the NBA Playoffs, your team has just scored and as you jump up and cheer wildly the screen on your 50 inch LCD TV goes black and stays that way.

Many consumers think they don’t need an equipment protection plan until that “oops!” moment. It’s not uncommon to experience a TV or computer failure over the product’s life.

The average repair bill with an in-store warranty is $200 to $600 with replacement costs up to $2,000 or more. With Frontier Secure Equipment Protection Plans you get solid repair and replacement coverage for your existing, new, and future purchases of computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, TVs, gaming systems, e-readers, routers, modems, remote controls, and more, all for less than the cost of covering a single device on an in-store warranty. There’s even in-home service for larger desktop computers and TVs.

With only one number to call for seven-day-a-week, U.S.-based phone support, our quick turnaround time ensures you’ll be up and running fast. And no receipts to save or contracts to keep.

To find out which plan is right for you, call us today.

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