"Frontier Secure - Identity Protection" Transcript

A couple apply for a home loan. Their credit score comes back as 530. They were certain it was 740. Loan denied. A healthy senior receives enormous medical bills for an extensive hospital stay. The IRS demands that a man pay additional taxes on income that he’s never earned.

What do these scenarios have in common? Identity theft. Today, thieves are more sophisticated than ever, pouring through every aspect of you online and offline life to obtain your logins, passwords, and personal data, then using it to steal your identity. It can take months before you even realize your identity has be stolen, and the longer it goes on the more difficult and costly it is to fix.

Frontier Secure Identity Protection provides 24/7, 365 protection so your identity is always safe. Your personal information is monitored daily including all three credit bureaus to proactively detect fraudulent activity. If you lose your purse or wallet, we come to the rescue fast, cancelling and reissuing credit cards, driver’s license, passport, and other identity information. Our certified restoration specialists work ‘round the clock providing in-depth fraud assessment and hands-on support until your identity is fully restored. With global ID monitoring and social security number tracing that reports, names, aliases, and addresses associated with your social and you’ve got protection that’s second to none.

There’s only one you, we help keep it that way. Find out more.

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