"FiOS Digital Voice" Transcript

FiOS Digital Voice gives you unlimited calling to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada, Voice messaging and many other useful calling features. Ten digit dialing is required for local as well as long distance calls. Be sure to use the three digit area code and the seven digit telephone number every time you place a local call.

Your FiOS Digital Voice Service includes one main voice mailbox. Plus you can also create up to eight additional sub-mailboxes. Now everyone in the family can get their own messages in their own voice mailbox.

Checking voicemail from your home phone is easy. Simply dial *86. From any other phone dial 1.844.387.5200, then follow the prompts to set up your voicemail or to retrieve messages.

You can also access home phone information directly from your FiOS TV. Simply press Menu on your remote. Scroll to FiOS Digital Voice and press OK. There you can easily view your call logs, check your voicemail and access calling features.

To learn more about other great FiOS Digital Voice features, including how to set up Locate Me, or set up your Account Manager and get messages online, visit frontier.com/frontierdigitalvoicehelp.

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