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In this video, you’ll learn how to find your channel guide at Frontier.com.

At Frontier.com, click on Help Center, then click on the TV icon.

Frontier.com offers channel guides for DISH TV, FiOS and Frontier TV.

Simply click on the “channel guide” tab under your TV provider. There you’ll find the list of available channels in your area.

That’s it! Now enjoy some time on the couch with your favorite shows!

Closed Captioning is a feature that provides a running text of on-screen audio. This feature assists the hearing impaired and can also be a worthwhile feature when conditions make it difficult to hear the television. To activate closed captioning, select the Menu, then Settings and then Accessibility.

Choose Closed Captions to adjust your closed captioning preferences. Here, you can turn closed captioning on and also select the size and color of your on-screen captions. Choose either CC1 or CC2 for captions in English.

In rare instances, programming may offer captioning in multiple languages, which can then be selected with CC3, 4, 5, or 6. Once you’ve highlighted CC1 or CC2 and press OK, it’s necessary to press the right-arrow key and press OK again to save this setting.

You should see closed captioning immediately at the bottom of your screen. To turn closed captioning off, simply return to this closed captioning screen and select Off in place of CC1 or CC2.

Thanks for watching. To learn more about your FiOS TV service, be sure to check out the other help videos located in the FiOS TV Help Menu in the Customer Support folder.

With FiOS DVR service you can record shows whether you’re home or away and watch them at another time. To record a show that’s currently playing, press the Record button on your remote. The show will be recorded from the point you started watching.

Want to record a show airing in the future? Just press the Guide button to display TV listings. Then use the arrows to scroll up and down to view the channel and scroll right to show future times. When you find your show, press the Record button. The green checkmark lets you know your recording was successfully scheduled.

To record an entire series, press Record a second time. A menu pops up to select series options or to Cancel the recording. To watch a show you’ve recorded, press the DVR button to launch the menu. Use the arrow buttons to scroll to View Recordings and then to the show you want to watch. Press OK. Play/Pause lets you play and pause both recorded and live programming.

Previous lets you jump back 30 seconds on a recording. Next moves you forward 30 seconds. To rewind recorded programs, press the Rewind button. To fast-forward recorded or delayed programs press Forward. Press Play to return to normal viewing.

With multi-room DVR service, you have the added convenience of watching your recorded shows on multiple TVs in your home.

Setting up FiOS Favorites list gives you access to all of your preferred channels at the touch of a button.

Begin by pressing the Menu button on your FiOS remote. Select Settings from the pop-up menu then System, and Favorite Channels. Choose Favorite 1 or 2. Then choose Add or Remove Channels. Now, using arrows to highlight a channel press OK to add it to your list. Repeat this process until you’ve included all of your favorite channels. Then press Exit to return to live TV.

To access your favorites, press the heart button on your remote. To scroll through your favorite channels, use the arrows. To watch your favorite channel, press OK.

The FiOS Interactive Media Guide is your gateway to the FiOS TV entertainment.

To watch live TV press the Guide button. Use the arrows to find your show then press OK. Press the Menu button on your remote for quick access to FiOS On Demand, DVR, Pay-Per-View, and FiOS Digital Voice.

Search helps you find programming based on your show name, actor name, or even content rating. You’ll also be able to access Widgets & Apps. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to scroll through topics like weather, sports, and social networking. Press OK on your remote for an expanded view of any specific widget. To personalize your experience, press the C button on your remote to access the full widget menu.

The main Menu is also a place where you can find settings options for your FiOS services.

For more information go to frontier.com/fioshelp.

Parental & Purchase controls can help with your household viewing choices. Parental controls allow you to block programming shown on your TV by rating and channel among other options.

Purchase controls help protect you against unauthorized purchases of paid programming on your TV. To set up parental or purchase controls you’ll need a PIN. Start by pressing the Menu button on your remote. Scroll to Settings and select Parental Purchase where you’ll be asked to create a PIN. Using the number pad on your remote, enter your new four digit PIN and press OK. Re-enter your PIN to confirm then press OK or press Exit to cancel.

Now you can block the purchase of On Demand movies, premium channels, and pay-per-view events. Set age preferences to restrict children’s access by channel and content as well as by TV, movie, and game ratings. You can also modify these settings anytime simply by re-entering your PIN.

To learn more about parental and purchase controls go to frontier.com/fioshelp.

Your FiOS remote control gives you easy access to all the exciting features that FiOS has to offer.

Wondering what to watch? Touch the Guide button to display TV listings. Use the arrow to scroll up, down, left and right through channels, times, and menus. Press OK to select any item that’s highlighted.

Favorites gives one-button access to a list to preferred channels that you can customize to yourself.

Menu displays the main menu – it’s your guide to everything FiOS with interactive features and help, like Customer Support, Settings, and Search functions.

The On Demand button directly connects you to thousands of movies and TV shows available for purchase or included at no cost in any packages.

Press Widgets for instant access to local weather, traffic, social networking, and more. When you’re done, Exit closes any on-screen display and returns you to regular viewing.

If you have a DVR there are special buttons just for that service. The DVR button launches the menu where you can view, manage, and modify recordings. Press Record to begin recording, the Stop button stops it, and Play/Pause to play and pause both recorded and live programming.

Need help with your FiOS service? We've got several easy ways to help you troubleshoot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they’re all free.

For interactive support on your FiOS TV press the Menu button on your remote. Use the arrows and scroll to Customer Support.

Choose the topic that best describes your issue and press OK. Channel 131 offers a great selection of informational videos that help you learn even more about your FiOS services.

Check out the Getting Started section for automated tools that would walk you through setting up key features like parental controls and voicemail.

You can also visit frontier.com/fioshelp on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For quick access to interactive support, search by several help topics to easily troubleshoot common FiOS problems. Remember, FiOS support is available 24/7 online at frontier.com/fioshelp and on your TV channel 131 or Customer Support from the main menu.

FiOS On Demand is a feature that lets you watch movies and shows any time.

To get started, press the On Demand button. With FiOS On Demand, you can buy or rent the hottest new releases. You can also catch prime-time TV shows and thousands of movies at no charge.

Do you subscribe to premium channels like HBO and Showtime? If so, you also get free access to their On Demand content.

On Demand—it’s unlimited entertainment at the press of a button.

In this video, you’ll learn how to program your FiOS remote to work with your TV.

Before we get started, make sure your FiOS TV service is activated. Then make sure you have batteries in your FiOS TV remote.

To program your FiOS remote to control your TV, first turn on your TV using the TV’s power button from the remote that came with your set. Then, turn on your FiOS box and make sure you can see a picture on your TV.

On your FiOS remote, press and hold the OK button. While holding the OK button, also press the FiOS TV button for two seconds. Then release both buttons. The red LED light on the FiOS remote will blink twice and then stay on.

Aim the FiOS remote at your TV and then press and hold the Play button.

Now the remote will try a new TV code every second. The red LED light will blink each time a new code is sent. Be patient, this process could take up to eight minutes as it goes through more than 400 codes.

When your TV turns off, stop pressing the play button.

Now you need to test that the remote control is programmed for your TV.

To test the FiOS remote, turn the TV back on with the TV power button on the FiOS remote. Now test the volume buttons. If all the buttons work, press the OK button to save the changes. The red LED light will blink three times and then turn off.

That’s it. Now you can use your FiOS remote to control your TV.

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