Make your favorite music an even better part of your Frontier TV experience

Expand your choices. Listen and watch the way you want.

Music Choice now offers Vantage™ TV by Frontier® and FiOS® Quantum TV customers a personalized music and video experience. With Frontier broadband and a subscription to FiOS Quantum TV or Vantage TV, you can browse by artist, by genre, by song—whatever you want to hear at any time.*

Choose old favorites, or let Music Choice select for you. Create your own soundtrack of music and music videos, or listen to the suggestions served up to you.

For example, when you select Music Hits videos, Music Choice will pop videos for you to watch. You don't have to build your own soundtrack. The navigation is intuitive, much like music sites and services you use online.

It's a whole new way to enjoy music—with a lot of new music choices to explore.

Learn how easy it is to use Music Choice.

What's new in Music Choice
  • Improved user experience—it's easier than ever to select and play
  • 50 channels just added for a total of 100. More to come!
    • 75 Music Video Channels
    • 25 Music Only Channels
  • Video Channels react to your preferences and serve up multiple choices you will like
  • Video Channels offer more than 20,000 on demand titles. Search for your old favorites and find new ones to play over and over.
How to access Music Choice
  • Go to any music channel (use the Channel Lineup)
  • Use your remote to access the widget. Press +

*You must subscribe to Frontier broadband.

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