FiOS® Internet by Frontier®

You deserve fast speeds

Experience the power of our 100% fiber-optic network to your home.


What is FiOS Internet by Frontier?

FiOS is Internet on a whole new level. That’s because it’s a 100% fiber-optic network delivered straight to your home. Fiber-optic lines transmit data through pulses of light, which means you can connect to who and what matters most, faster.

What makes FiOS by Frontier different?

FiOS Internet makes your life easier. It also means speeds as fast as 500 Mbps*, equal upload and download speeds and, unlike cable, a dedicated 100% fiber optic line straight to your home. With FiOS you can also:

  • Stream and game simultaneously
  • Upload photos and download movies
  • Work from home and share large files

How much Internet speed do I need?

    Picking the right Internet speed is important. Mbps represents the speed of your connection, and the bigger the number the faster the speed. We offer a variety of Internet speeds for everything from watching your favorite show to working from home.
  • 50 Mbps: Best for streaming movies or shows on multiple devices.
  • 100 Mbps: Best for families who work, game and browse simultaneously.
  • 150 Mbps: Best for serious gamers and multi-device households.
  • 500 Mbps: Best for households that game, upload large files, work from home and more.

What comes with my FiOS by Frontier Internet plan?

We’ve got a lot to offer. With FiOS, not only do you get reliable fiber-optic Internet you also get great perks. Here’s what else you get with your Internet plan:

Equal upload and download speeds

Don’t settle for less than 100% of the Internet. FiOS customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds.

Wi-Fi Router

Connect and stream on your devices around the house. A Wi-Fi Router is included with select FiOS Internet plans.

Upgrade your speed

Want faster Internet for the same price? With FiOS you can get our 150 Mbps plan for the price of our 100 Mbps plan.

Why do I need to enter my ZIP?

Pricing and FiOS availability vary by location. Enter your ZIP code at the top of this page to see what services are in your area.

Ready to switch to Frontier?

FiOS bundles give you three great services at one low price. Check out FiOS TV for all of your entertainment needs and start saving today!

*Speeds as fast as 500 Mbps available in select areas of CA, TX and FL.
FiOS by Frontier available in select areas of IN, OR, WA, CA, TX and FL. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors. Maximum service speed is not available to all locations and service may not be available at certain speeds at your location. Service subject to availability. A $9.99 broadband processing fee upon disconnection of service applies. A $1.99/mo. Internet fee may apply. Equipment delivery/handling fee applies. $10/mo. Internet router fee may apply. Minimum system requirements and other terms and conditions apply. Taxes, governmental and other Frontier-imposed surcharges apply. Installation fees waived on select bundles. Standard charges apply for jack installation, wiring and other additional services. All TV prices, fees, charges, packages, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change. Frontier reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. The FiOS marks are owned by Verizon Trademark Services LLC and used under license.
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