Monthly Service Charges

Some common charges included in the Monthly Service section of your bill are:

Phone Service:
  • If you have local phone service from Frontier, it is usually the first item listed in this section of your bill.
  • If you have one of Frontier's many package plans or bundles, your various services may or may not be listed together due to regulatory requirements or other billing needs.
  • If you are a FiOS® TV subscriber and have Frontier telephone service, your FiOS TV charges will appear on your monthly Frontier bill.
Internet Access—Your dial-up or High-Speed Internet service. Router or Modem Charge—Monthly fee for equipment that delivers your service.
DISH® Satellite Television Services—Charges supplied to Frontier by DISH. Features—Your phone features, such as Call Forwarding or Call Waiting, may be listed separately or as part of a bundled service.
Non-published number—Monthly fee for an unlisted telephone number. Inside Wire Maintenance—Charge for maintaining wiring within your building used for accessing telecommunications services.

Here is a sample Frontier Small Business bill showing the different categories of charges.

charges on a Frontier business bill

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