You can perform several tasks from the Centralized Management Console of Computer Security Pro. This includes managing your accounts, adding devices, and making sure your network is protected.

When you first use Computer Security Pro, no computers are registered to your account. To add new computers to your network:

  1. Go to the Centralized Management Console and click the Adding Your Computers link.
  2. On the Computers page, click Add Computers.
  3. Go to the Subscription drop-down menu and select a Computer Security Pro subscription.
  4. Enter the email address of the owner of the computer you want to add.
  5. Click Send.

Note: You can also download the application by clicking the Download software link. If you don't see your computer in the Centralized Management Console, click the Check now button on your Computer Security Pro - Workstation main interface. If you still do not see your computer in the portal, check that the subscription key has been added to the portal.

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