"How to Restart Your Router" Transcript

Hi. Have you ever experienced slow speeds, frequent disconnects, or wireless issues? If so, today we will walk you through several easy steps to restarting your modem.

You don't have to be a tech geek to do this – it's an easy process that anyone can do, and it’ll usually resolve any connection problems. You may hear the words restart and power cycle used interchangeably. For the purposes of this video, I'll be using the word restart but they basically both mean the same thing. Now let's get started.

The first thing you want to do is turn off your computer or any other devices that are connected to your router. Having done that, you want to go ahead and turn off the switch on the back of the router to the off position.

Next you want to pull the power plug out of the back of the router. This will help drain the electrical potential in the router. Keep that unplugged for fifteen seconds to 1 minute, and then reverse the process. Plug back in the power, turn back on the switch, and wait for the lights to populate. When the DSL light goes solid again you're up and running, and you should see an improvement over what you had before you started.

Please use this video for future reference at any time and thanks for watching.

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