Add More Mailboxes

If you have Family/Business Basic service, your initial mailbox lets you add up to 5 sub-mailboxes in addition to the main mailbox. (Scroll down for instructions for sub-mailbox owners.) The naming convention for these mailboxes is:

  • 0 - Main Mailbox
  • 1 - Sub-Mailbox 1
  • 2 - Sub-Mailbox 2
  • 3 - Sub-Mailbox 3
  • 4 - Sub-Mailbox 4
  • 5 - Sub-Mailbox 5

To add more mailboxes, follow these 4 steps:

Write down who will be assigned the main mailbox and the sub-mailboxes. This will make the rest of the process easier. For example, in a family environment, you may have the following:

  • Sub-Mailbox 0 (main mailbox) - Smith Family
  • Sub-Mailbox 1 - John Smith (dad)
  • Sub-Mailbox 2 - Jane Smith (mom)
  • Sub-Mailbox 3 - Tommy Smith (son)
  • Sub-Mailbox 4 - Sarah Smith (daughter)
  • Sub-Mailbox 5 - Cindy Smith (daughter)

The original greeting you established during the tutorial (when you initialized your mailbox) will remain in place until you add the first sub-mailbox. Once you add the first sub-mailbox, your original greeting becomes the greeting for sub-mailbox 0 (main mailbox). If you do not set-up a Group Mailbox Greeting (see Step 4), the system will automatically provide a system greeting informing callers that there are multiple mailboxes, and asking in which mailbox they want to leave their message.

If you have not initialized your mailbox yet, log in by following the instructions in the Access Voicemail section. A tutorial will walk you through the initial mailbox setup to:

  • Establish a permanent password (PIN)
  • Record a name announcement
  • Record a personal greeting or select a system greeting

Upon completing the tutorial, you will be transferred to the Main Menu of your mailbox. Do not hang up. (If you have already initialized your mailbox, log in and go to the Main Menu.) Continue to Step 3.

  1. From the Main Menu, add the number of sub-mailboxes you need by using the following sequence:
    • Press 4—Manage Mailbox Settings
    • Press 4—Group Mailbox Options
    • Press 3—Add a new secondary mailbox (secondary mailbox = sub-mailbox)
  2. The system will assign the sequential number of the sub-mailbox along with an assigned password (PIN) for the sub-mailbox. Please write down this information for the sub-mailbox owners to use.
  3. Continue adding sub-mailboxes using the sequence above.
  4. When you are finished, press the key until you return to the Main Menu.
  5. Do not hang up. Continue to Step 4.

The Group Mailbox Greeting is a personalized greeting that will tell callers how to leave a message with specific individuals (i.e. sub-mailbox owners). For example:

"Hello, you have reached the Smith Family. To leave a message for John press 1, for Jane press 2, for Tommy press 3, for Sarah press 4, for Cindy press 5. Thank you."
  1. From the Main Menu go to the Greetings Menu to record the Group Message Greeting. The sequence is:
    • Press 3—Manage Your Greetings
    • Press 4—Manage Group Mailbox Greetings
    • Press 2—Record Group Greeting
    If you do not record a personal group greeting, a system greeting will play with reference to the main mailbox and the number of sub-mailboxes that have been built.
  2. Your Family/Group Mailbox will be set up once you:
    • Record the Group Greeting.
    • Exit the Greetings Menu (using the key).
    • Return to the Main Menu.

Instructions for Sub-Mailbox Owners

  • Log in to your sub-mailbox using the same access number as the main mailbox.
  • You will be asked who you are logging in as, meaning which sub-mailbox do you want to access. For example, 0=main number, 1=sub-mailbox 1, 2=sub-mailbox 2, etc.
  • Enter your sub-mailbox number and your password (PIN). (This password was generated by the system in Step 3.)
  • You have the same features as a single mailbox owner, including the ability to establish a personal greeting or select a system greeting.
  • Upon accessing a sub-mailbox the first time, a tutorial will walk you through mailbox initialization.
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