Voicemail FAQs

We are pleased to provide our customers with a new innovative, reliable voice messaging communication solution.

  • Callers can always leave you a message even when you are on the phone or the power is out
  • Check your messages over the phone or online with your own PIN to ensure privacy
  • Save important messages as a computer file
  • No additional equipment is required

See Your Voice Mail Messages Online

With the click of a mouse, you can get all of your messages easily from any computer desktop, anywhere, anytime!

  • Access your Voice Messages online by clicking this link to the Frontier Message Center Web Site
  • Save, send or delete your voice messages just like any computer file
Upgrade to Frontier Message Center to enjoy these additional features:
  • Receive messaging alerts, via e-mail, cell phone and/or pagers
  • Receive your faxes online without needing a fax machine
  • Forward calls to one or more phone numbers with the Find Me Follow Me feature

To learn about the full range of features available click the links at the top of this page. To order Frontier Message Center, call customer service at 1-800-921-8101 today! (Not available in all areas.)

Click here to access your messages online.

Unified Messaging (add-on)
System Features        
Call Forward Busy & No Answer  
Help Menu  
Number of Mailboxes 1 1 1  
Number of Sub Mailboxes n/a n/a 5  
Minute Capacity 35 100 20 each  
Message Waiting Indicator (visual)  
Stutter Dial Tone  
(Message) Playback Options        
Auto Play Messages (toggle) off off off  
Date and Time Toggle on on on  
Skip (Fwd & Back), Pause, Replay, Delete, Save  
Live Reply    
Reply to Message (from another VM sub)  
Copy/Fwd Message (to another mailbox)  
Length (minutes) 1.5 2 2  
Name Announcement  
Personal Greetings  
Busy Greeting  
Extended Greeting    
Retention of Messages        
Message Retention (days) 15 30 30  
Warning Threshold  
Deleted Message Retention 7 7 7  
Mailbox to Mailbox Messaging        
Group Lists # of Lists 1 10 10  
Group Lists Members/List 5 25 25  
Address Confidential, Ugent, Receipt Requested  
Reminder Service      
Visual Mailbox        
Voice Message(s) (Listing)  
Manage VM Settings via Web Portal  
Change Passcode  
Email Notification (of new message)  
Auto-Foward Voicemail Messages to Email Address  
SMS Notification New Msg (via email)  
Pager Notification New Msg (via email)  
Web Portal Listing of Voice
& Fax Messages
Record (and send) Voicemail Msg      
Find Me Follow Me      

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