Control it, say it, see it, just the way you want it.


Alexa Voice Control

Ask Alexa to search, change channels and rewind. Pair with your favorite device, and take the clicks out of watching TV.


Netflix is here

Access it right here on your new FiOS Quantum remote. Easy, isn’t it?2


TV just about anywhere you can think of

Room to room, even outside. Your FiOS Quantum wireless set top box lets you take your TV many places throughout your home and connect easily.**


The app that’s all about connecting

The FrontierTV app lets you watch your own DVR-to-go content wherever you are. Watch on the device you like best.3


And there's more...

Control. Storage space. Recording power. FiOS Quantum supports a house full of TVs, controls multiple live TVs (each with a set-top box at an additional monthly fee). Use just one HD DVR and also have space to record thousands of titles.

This is adding up to a great experience!

$10 per month for FiOS Quantum TV

Call us to get all the pricing details.

See the Features

Inside your FiOS Quantum TV upgrade, there’s all this:

FiOS Quantum TV Feature Enhanced Experience Premium Experience
Maximum TVs Supported * 5 10
Record & Store HD programs4 150+ Hours 300+ Hours
Record multiple programs simultaneously4, 5 Up to six programs Up to 12 programs
Record shows on multiple TVs5
Control Live TV5 Up to 5 TVs with set-top boxes Up to 10 TVs with set-top boxes
DVR Storage6 1 terabyte 2 terabytes
Equipment6 1 HD DVR up to 4 set-top boxes 2 HD DVR up to 8 set-top boxes
Watch HD and SD programs
Watch Live streaming and On Demand7
Netflix & YouTube integrated streaming from DVR/STB2
Voice Control w Amazon Echo1
Music Choice
Stream DVR
Manage DVR
Watch live TV