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How do I complete the enrollment process for Non-Credit Monitoring?

You should have received an email containing your Member ID when you signed up for Identity Protection. You will need that ID to complete the non-credit monitoring enrollment.

To begin the enrollment process, you will need to go to

  1. Enter your Member number Click Submit.
    Non-Credit Monitoring Enrollment
  2. Enter your personal information, including a security question and answer, as well as your email address and password. The email address and password you enter will be used to login to the site after you complete enrollment Click Continue.
    Non-Credit Monitoring Enrollment 2
  3. You will now be brought to the Settings Wizard page.
    Non-Credit Monitoring Enrollment 3
  4. Form this section you can enter the information you would like to be monitored. For example, in the credit card section, enter the credit or debit card numbers you wish to have monitored (up to 5) Click Done when finished.
    Non-Credit Monitoring Enrollment 4
  5. If you click on the Fraud Detection Dashboard, you will see real time updates for any of the items you are monitoring. You can access these alerts at any time and they will also be emailed to you. Once you have entered all of the information you would like to be monitored, the enrollment process is complete.
    Non-Credit Monitoring Enrollment 5
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