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Accept Cookies

 Cookies allow web sites to store little bits of information on your computer that may save you time or enable the web site to deliver customized information to you. Some web sites may require the cookies, and other web sites may be using them to get a little too nosy. If you'd rather be more [...]

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Get Rid of Problems

Understanding the potential risks of Internet use and taking pro-active measures can go a long way toward keeping you safe from hackers. Here are some helpful tips you can use, including: handling spam, recognizing a hoax, using safety software, and [...]

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Set My Homepage

Most people like to save some time by automatically going to the page of their choice when they open their favorite web browser. No matter which web site you'd like to be your first destination, you can follow these instructions to make it your homepage. For full instructions, choose your preferred [...]

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Protect My Computer

If you take a few precautions, you can safely use the Internet without having any problems. You will want to protect your computer against damage caused by hackers including  viruses,  spyware,  adware,  malware,  spam and  phishing. Here are some simple steps you can [...]

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Use FrontierNet® Lookout

FrontierNet® Lookout is an optional service that can be added to your regular FrontierNet® dialup account. It provides server-level filtering (which means it happens at the FrontierNet® server, before it reaches your computer) based on an "objectionable content" library that is updated [...]

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