Guides & Types of Programming

FiOS® has a wide variety of programming available: music, special events, on demand, a variety of languages, and more! Note: You may want to block Pay-Per-View programming, On Demand programming or adult content. Frontier FiOS® TV Parental Controls let you block access to programming either [...]

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Frontier TV Everywhere

With Frontier TV Everywhere, you can watch TV on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Frontier supports 70+ channels of live TV on phones, tablets and PCs, including the most popular content providers. You can schedule recordings from your mobile phone, tablet or PC using our remote DVR [...]

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In order to enjoy FiOS® TV: The service must be available in your location. Your home must be wired for cable. You'll need a coaxial cable to connect from the FiOS® Optical Network Terminal on the outside of your home to your TV or Set Top Box. You must have or get a compatible [...]

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Find out how to reset or reboot your FiOS® TV equipment and how to fix a pixelated or tiled TV image, plus read troubleshooting tips for your remote control and for watching special programming. For more information on Frontier FiOS® TV, download the  FiOS® booklet and the [...]

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My Set Top Box

Your FiOS® equipment consists of either a DVR Set Top Box (Digital Video Recorder) or a Non-DVR Set Top Box, and a Remote Control. Here are instructions for using your Set Top Box. Be sure to download your channel guide. Frontier FiOS® offers three types of Set Top Boxes with different [...]

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