Guides & Types of Programming

FiOS® has a wide variety of programming available: music, special events, on demand, a variety of languages, and more! Note: You may want to block Pay-Per-View programming, On Demand programming or adult content. Frontier FiOS® TV Parental Controls let you block access to programming either [...]

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Find out how to reset or reboot your FiOS® TV equipment and how to fix a pixelated or tiled TV image, plus read troubleshooting tips for your remote control and for watching special programming. For more information on Frontier FiOS® TV, download the  FiOS® booklet and the [...]

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In order to enjoy FiOS® TV: The service must be available in your location. Your home must be wired for cable. You'll need a coaxial cable to connect from the FiOS® Optical Network Terminal on the outside of your home to your TV or Set Top Box. You must have or get a compatible [...]

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Frontier TV Everywhere

With Frontier TV Everywhere, you can watch TV on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Frontier supports 70+ channels of live TV on phones, tablets and PCs, including the most popular content providers. You can schedule recordings from your mobile phone, tablet or PC using our remote DVR [...]

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My Remote Control

Your FiOS® TV remote control is a powerful tool that puts so much entertainment at your fingertips. Here are some tips and instructions to help you. Get started with the basics of programming your remote—including programming your remote, using a favorites list, turning on closed [...]

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