My Payments

Access everything about your account payments, past and present.

  • Make a Payment
    • You can make an online payment at any time. Choose the amount to pay, the payment method, and the payment date. For more details, see Make an Online Payment.
    • You can also edit a payment after you've scheduled it, as long as it's still marked Scheduled. For more details, see Edit a Payment.
  • Manage Payment Methods
    • Add a new payment method that you can use to make individual payments, or to use with Auto Pay.
    • Edit a payment method if, for example, your credit card's expiration date has changed.
    • For more details, see Add/Edit Payment Method.
  • Sign up for Auto Pay / Manage Auto Pay
    • Follow the steps to sign up for convenient Auto Pay. You'll need to:
      • Add a bank account or credit/debit card
      • Confirm your settings
    • You may need to make one more payment manually before Auto Pay starts working.
    • You can edit your Auto Pay payment method at any time.
    • If needed, you can also turn off Auto Pay whenever you choose.
    • For more details, see Set Up, Change or Stop Auto Pay.
  • Payment Activity
    • You can confirm that your payment went through or edit a payment that's still marked as Scheduled. For more details, see Edit a Payment.

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