My Payments

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the MyFrontier mobile app and select My Payments. You will see a menu of choices including:

  • Make a Payment
  • Set up Auto Pay
  • Payment Methods
  • Payment History

To pay your bill, select Make a Payment. On the next screen you will see your current balance, a summary of charges, the payment amount, payment method and payment date. Choose the amount you want to pay and your payment method and then select Continue.

To make your payments automatically, select Set up Auto Pay from the menu. Next you will select or add a payment method and choose when to make your payments. On the Current Bill screen, tap Make a Payment. Simply select the amount you want to pay, select your saved payment method (or add a new one), check the payment date, and tap Continue to confirm your selections and make your payment.

To update or add a payment method, select Payment Methods. If you have saved a payment account, you will see it listed here. If not, select Add Payment Method. The MyFrontier app allows you to add a credit card or link a checking account to make payments from.

To view your past payments, select Payment History from the menu. Here you will find a list of the previous year's payments, statuses (successful, cancelled, etc.), and amounts. Tap on any one to see further details including a confirmation number.

MyFrontier App: Make a Payment MyFrontier App: Make a Payment MyFrontier App: Make a Payment

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