Check here for solutions to issues you may have with either your Frontier ID or making a payment.

Online Payment Issues
Lost access during payment
A payment transaction is not complete until you reach confirmation page, so if you lose access, transaction is generally lost. Click My Payments > Payment History. If a payment was processed you'll see it at top of list. If it isn't there, you can submit another payment, knowing you won't be charged twice.
Your payment history seen in My Account

Insufficient funds
If your checking account doesn't have enough money to cover a payment, we will re-submit a payment once. If payment fails again, your account will not be paid, and your bank may charge you service fees.

To avoid failed payment, log in to My Account with your Frontier ID and password and make a one-time payment with a different payment method. Click My Payments > Make a Payment and follow steps on the screen. For detailed instructions, see Make an Online Payment.
Make a payment in the Frontier account management portal
Account past due
If your account is past due, and you want to avoid interruption of service, contact customer service. Paying online or by phone will get your account up to date faster.

Can't edit Auto Pay settings
  • If you set up automatic bank draft service or recurring credit card payments with a customer service agent and want to make changes, you must delete your existing Auto Pay settings and set up a new one.
  • Once you create new Auto Pay rules, you can edit them by  logging in to My Account and clicking My Payments > Manage Auto Pay. Click Edit Auto Pay to change payment method and date to pay.
Manage your Auto Pay settings

Need to resolve dispute
  • If you disagree with your payment history or balance due, contact customer service. We will work to settle the problem.
  • If your service has been suspended, chat with us online or call us.
  • If your account was suspended for lack of payment, speak with customer service and pay by phone for fastest action. Your service will be restored when your full payment has been received and verified.
Frontier ID Issues
Privacy & security concerns
How we protect your Frontier account:
  • We encrypt your financial information and store it in our secured database.
  • We partially mask your information (e.g., XXXXXX1234) when presenting it in My Account.
  • We process your payment by sending encrypted data through a secure banking network connection.

Using My Account will not cause you to receive spam email. You can opt out of non-billing related, informational emails at any time. We do not sell your personal information to third parties.

Please read our  Terms and Conditions and  Privacy Policy.

Never received Frontier ID verification
If you are trying to create your Frontier ID and have not received your verification email:
  1. Sign in, go to My Account page, and click the link in the alert banner to "Re-send verification email."
  2. Check your email inbox and spam folder for email from Frontier Communications.
  3. If the email is not there, please contact customer service.
Can't log in with Frontier ID
If you can't log in for the first time after creating your Frontier ID, make sure you have completed the process by clicking the link in your verification email. If you haven't received the email, see Never received Frontier ID verification above.

Can't access account online
If you can't access your account after you log in with your Frontier ID—and you've done so before:
  1. Check your Internet connection.
  2. Check your credentials by accessing the  Frontier login page and selecting the Frontier ID / Username Forgot? link.

    Click the Forgot? link for help with your login
  3. If your login works but you don't see your account information, your services may have been suspended due to non-payment. Please contact customer service to make payment arrangements and restore your account access.
    Note: You can make a one-time payment online, but there could be a 3- to 5-day delay in payment being posted to your account and your service being restored.
  4. If payment is due and you can't get to your account, the best option is to call customer service to pay by phone. You may also:
    • Mail your payment to:

      Frontier Communications
      P.O. Box 740407
      Cincinnati, OH 45274-0407
    • Pay in person at a Frontier  retail store or with a  Payment Agent.

For any other issues, please contact Frontier customer service.

Still need help? Call 1.800.921.8101 or Live Chat

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