Connected Home Devices

Nest Learning Thermostat™

Nest learns about you and your home and programs itself. Installation takes 30 minutes or less and can save 10–12% on heating and 15% on cooling bills. The Nest Learning Thermostat: Learns your schedule and preferences automatically. Integrates information from its sensors and [...]

Nest Cam™ Remote Camera

The Nest Cam™ is designed to watch out for your home and family—even when you can't. Use Nest Cam as a pet cam or baby monitor. Or just feel better knowing that everything's OK when you're away. Stream video securely to your phone, tablet or laptop in super clear 1080p HD. Enjoy added flexibly with [...]

Nest Protect™ Smoke Alarm

Nest Protect™—Wired The all-new Nest Protect thinks, speaks and alerts your phone. The second generation Nest Protect is a Wi-Fi enabled smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm that speaks in a human voice, giving a friendly alert before potential danger, and can even message your phone in [...]