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Identity Protection

Enroll and Log In

Frontier Secure Identity Protection requires a User ID and password so you can log in to the portal to review monitoring status. Follow the instructions for the service you ordered. Notes: If you ordered Identity Protection by speaking with a Frontier representative on the phone, the web site [...]


Here are the answers to some common questions. If you still need help with Identity Protection, give us a call. A Red Alert or Red Flag means that you are at the Highest Risk of identity theft. You should immediately call 1.888.403.6037 and consult with Customer Service. We will put you in [...]

Why Do I Need Protection?

Frontier Secure® Identity Protection provides the necessary safeguards to protect your identity—even as identity thieves become more sophisticated and prevalent in today's digital world. Our services provide you with the tools you need to detect fraudulent activity early and respond fast if your [...]