Update Frontier Multi-Device Security

Did you see a message telling you your virus definitions are out of date? No problem. Frontier Multi-Device Security updates itself automatically when your device is connected to the Internet. If ever you need to update the virus definitions yourself, follow these steps:

PC, Mac or iOS device Android device
  1. Launch Frontier Multi-Device Security app.
  2. Select Tools tab.
  3. Select Check for updates.
  4. Verify last update check by going back to Status tab.
Frontier Multi-Device Security is fully cloud-enabled to stay up to date. To check the latest service status and updates:
  1. Launch Frontier Multi-Device Security app.
  2. Tap side menu icon (three lines at top left of screen).
  3. Select More and Updates.
  4. Under Updates tap Update now.
Note: Make sure the time and date on your device are correct or updates may not install.

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