QR Recovery Code

The Frontier Secure PWD QR recovery code is a secure way for you to recover or reset your Frontier Secure PWD master password. It is strongly encrypted and can only be decrypted on one of your synced devices.

For your security, a QR recovery code is the only way for you to retrieve your master password in case you forget it. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you create a Frontier Secure PWD QR recovery code as soon as you install Frontier Secure PWD.

Because the QR recovery code is so important, a message will appear each time you log in to Frontier Secure PWD until you create the code. Once it’s created, you can save the code as an image and store it in a safe, secure place — not in the same location as your device.


  • If you sync new devices, Frontier Secure PWD may ask you to create a new QR recovery code. If this happens, make sure you create a new QR recovery code, as the older QR recovery code will not work anymore.
  • Every time you change your master password, the Frontier Secure PWD app asks you to create a new QR recovery code. Be sure to safely store your latest code.
Your device Create a QR recovery code
  1. Sign in to Frontier Secure PWD.
  2. Go to Settings > Create Recovery Code.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Select a location where you want to store the file, and click Save.
  5. Go to your file manager, select the file, and print it out.
Mobile device
  1. Sign in to Frontier Secure PWD.
  2. Go to Menu > Settings, and tap Create Recovery Code. The image is automatically created.
  3. Tap Save as image. The code is saved to your Photos/Gallery folder on your device.
  4. Go to your Photos/Gallery folder, and tap on the photo. Send the image to a service where you can print it out from.
  5. Delete the file from your device once you’ve printed out the code.

Note: We recommend that you save the code as an image and print the file out for safekeeping, rather than storing the file on your computer. To recover the code, you can then use your mobile device to scan the image.

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