Premium Technical Support is an around-the-clock service connecting you to a technical expert trained and ready to help you with your toughest equipment and software challenges.

Whether you're a technology pro or novice, our friendly experts are here to help resolve all kinds of hardware and software issues. You get 24/7 unlimited phone support from certified U.S.-based tech agents who can help with desktops and laptops—plus wireless networks and peripherals like routers, printers and scanners. Need to connect your tablet or smartphone to your wireless network? We can help you. We'll even lend a hand with iTunes and social media.

Premium Technical Support is available to anyone—you don't have to be a Frontier customer—and there's no waiting period. Once you have purchased this service, you can start working with a technical expert immediately. Call as often as you need, 24/7/365.

To order Premium Technical Support, call 1.888.620.3663. For more detailed information and pricing, go to

Still need help? Call 1.888.620.3663 or Live Chat

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