Frontier and Boingo Wireless, Inc., have entered into an agreement to provide free wireless access to Residential and Commercial Frontier customers who have a Frontier ID and receive Frontier Broadband service (speeds above 1M).

Boingo Wireless, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides wireless connectivity solutions for wireless-enabled consumer devices. It designs, builds, monitors, and maintains the Wi-Fi network at managed and operated hotspot locations.

Qualifying Frontier customers have access to almost 1,400 Boingo Managed and Operated locations in the U.S. (see Hotspot Locations or search for locations on the Boingo web site).

To use Boingo:

  1. In your device's settings, choose a Boingo Wireless Network (usually named "Boingo Hotspot").
  2. Launch a web browser on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any wireless device.
  3. Follow the appropriate log in procedure:
    • From a Boingo Managed & Operated location, select Frontier from the drop down menu and Log In with your Frontier ID and Password.
      access Boingo with your Frontier ID and password
    • From a Partner Managed location (coming very soon!), enter your Frontier ID and Password and Log In.
      access Boingo with your Frontier ID and password

Need help? Contact the Frontier Internet Help Desk at 1.877.600.1511. If your issue cannot be resolved, contact Boingo Support at 1.800.880.4117 or support@boingo.com.

Still need help? Call 1.877.600.1511 or Live Chat

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