Don't make yourself an easy target for scams or identity theft. Here are some important tips for playing it safe when you're online.

Instant Messaging safety: Instant Messaging (IM) programs are a popular way to communicate on the Internet, but they are not secure. Don't send any confidential information through an IM. Set rules for using IM programs within your household or office. Browsing safety: Frontier offers parental controls through its Multi-Device Security product. For more information, including an instructional video, see Multi-Device Security.
Username safety: Your username is the first part of your email address. When choosing your username avoid using your:
  • Real first or last name
  • Any or all of your birth date
  • Any or all of your phone number
  • Any or all of your address
Here are some special rules for your Frontier username:

  • Up to 32 characters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Must begin with a letter or number
  • May include letters, numbers, dots "." , dashes "-", and underscores "_" (but not at the end)
Good username: un1corn-fan

Not Allowed
  • Cannot contain more than 32 characters
  • Cannot contain a "+" sign
  • Cannot include Uppercase letters
  • Cannot end with a dot ".", underscore "_", or dash "-"
  • Cannot contain consecutive special characters ";;"
Bad username: jenny867-5309
Online shopping safety:
  • Know who you're dealing with—Stick with retailers you know. If you don't know them, search for customer reviews.
  • Protect your privacy—Always log out and close the browser when finished if you're using a public-access computer (such as in a library).
  • Order only on a secure server—Look for https:// in the Internet address of the site you are using before entering your payment information. This ensures security.
  • Guard your online password—Never share any of your passwords.
  • Pay the safest way—A credit card is safer than a debit card online. If you have an unauthorized charge on your credit card, under federal law your liability is limited to $50.
  • Additional resources:
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