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Make Frontier Yahoo My Homepage

The latest Frontier Yahoo! homepage contains much more content—hundreds of the latest articles, galleries and videos are now just one click away. The homepage is optimized for viewing on a PC, tablet or smartphone, so no matter which device you choose to use, we've got you covered!

Your favorite Frontier services, like Bill Pay and Help Center, can still be found in the top left corner of the page. Click on "More Frontier Sites" to see additional services provided by Frontier. Mail has not changed with the latest update to the homepage. There continue to be multiple links to your Frontier Yahoo Mail on the homepage, making it as easy as ever to stay connected.

To make Frontier Yahoo! your homepage:

  1. Open you favorite browser and go to
  2. Click the red button in the lower left-hand corner that says "Set Frontier Yahoo as your homepage".
  3. A window will open with instructions that are specific to the web browser you are using (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox)

Your Frontier Yahoo homepage has been customized for your smartphone/tablet. You can now access the page by navigating to on your device (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Mobile). Scroll horizontally to read feature stories in the Frontier Yahoo Today Module, or scroll vertically to read through the stream of news content. To access quicklinks to Frontier Services and Yahoo properties like News, Sports and Finance, click the icon icon on the upper left. Click the icon icon on the upper right to see a list of widgets like Weather and My Portfolio. The tablet experience functions much the same way as the smartphone experience, with links to Frontier Services and Yahoo widgets (iOS and Android tablets).

Yahoo has launched a new advertising format that positions the ads in the news stream. These ads have a different colored background and are clearly labeled as "sponsored" so you won't mistake them for content.
Yahoo advertisement

Along the right side of the page you will find a series of feeds that give you instant access to the weather, stock prices, horoscopes, and more, which you can personalize. See the weather for your hometown, follow your favorite sports teams or see what's in the stars for you today. If you prefer a quick summary of the days' major events, check out the Top Headlines section near the top right of the page. This is where you'll find the key news stories to keep you informed.

In order to take advantage of some features—such as personalizing the new feeds, selecting the local weather or customizing the stock portfolio tracker—you will need to be logged into the homepage with your Frontier Username and Password.

The stream of content at the bottom half of the page is constantly updated with stories from News, Sports, Finance, and Entertainment channels. Sign-in with your Frontier Yahoo account to tailor your news. When you mouse over a headline on a Yahoo news feed page, you will be able to see the personalization options, which subsequently affect the stories you see in your Yahoo news feed.

To customize your content, click the save the story for later icon to save the story for later. Click the "more like this" icon more like this to see a list of personalized categories. Click the "fewer like this" icon fewer like this to see other content. Remember, if you choose one of these options and are not signed in with your Frontier Yahoo email and password, you will see a notification instructing you to sign in to optimize your content feed with personalized content.
personalized content

Yahoo is powering both the daily content and search results on the Frontier Yahoo! homepage. Frontier will continue to provide the best and safest user experience across all of our Internet products and services, including our new homepage. You will not be exposed to any pop-up ads or spam emails as a result of our new Frontier Yahoo! web page.

Frontier takes your privacy very seriously: We do not sell or provide our customers' private information to our partners (this includes Yahoo!).

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