Use FrontierNet Lookout

FrontierNet® Lookout is an optional service that can be added to your regular FrontierNet dialup account. It provides server-level filtering (which means it happens at the FrontierNet server, before it reaches your computer) based on an "objectionable content" library that is updated automatically every night. Find out what it does and how to set it up.

The service uses advanced technology to search 2.7 million sites per hour using 44 criteria that have been shown to reveal almost all dangerous, offensive, and pornographic sites. It not only adds about 2,000 new addresses to the library each day; it also deletes addresses when objectionable content moves or changes. You always have the most up-to-date and accurate filter available.

Frontier Communications Corporation uses the latest technology to filter potentially objectionable Internet materials. However, due to the ever-increasing number of web sites on the Internet, no filtering system is 100% effective. While Frontier Communications Corporations' filtered Internet service (FrontierNet Lookout) provides invaluable assistance in blocking objectionable content, your use of the Internet is at your own risk. Frontier Communications Corporation will not be responsible and specifically disclaim any liability for any such content viewed by you or any user of your Internet service.

As a Frontier dialup customer, you can sign up for this free service when you establish your Frontier access account, or whenever you choose. You can also cancel your filtering service at any time without affecting your Frontier account. Please be aware that you must have dialup Frontier access to be eligible for this service. Call 1.888.238.3500 today or contact us at  talktous@frontiernet.net.

Not available to High Speed Internet, Epix, or Global Valley customers. Some restrictions may apply. If you are a High-Speed Internet customer, consider adding Frontier Secure® products to your account. Frontier Secure® is a software security suite that contains features designed to safeguard your family as well as your computer.

If You Are Travelling…you should know that Lookout service is currently offered only in certain calling areas. Any number on the Frontier Dialup Internet Access Numbers list marked by a "P" is an access number belonging to one of our partners and will be inaccessible to Lookout subscribers.

Tech Support for FrontierNet Lookout is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Still need help? Call 1.800.239.4430 or Live Chat

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