Be sure you have your full email address and password handy—that is, the primary email address associated with your Frontier account—before taking any further action.

To update Eudora to use an Application Specific Password:

  1. Generate an Application Specific Password.
  2. In Eudora, click the Get Mail icon.
    get mail button
  3. When prompted, enter the generated Application Specific Password in the Password field and check the box to Remember password for this personality and click OK.
    enter your password
  4. Click Personalities on the Tools menu.
    Click Tools, Personalities
  5. Create a new persona.
    New persona
  6. On the Incoming Mail tab:
    • Give your personality a name
    • Enter your primary Frontier email address, use as your SMTP Server and check the boxes for Authentication allowed and Use relay personality, if defined
    • Under Secure Sockets when Sending, choose If Available, STARTTLS.
    Incoming Mail tab
  7. Verify that your newly created Personality is being used and click OK.
    server setting
  8. In the Options window click Sending Mail and select your newly created Personality in the SMTP Relay Personality section. Click OK.
    choose persona
  9. Enter the password for the primary email address associated with your Frontier account and click OK.
    enter primary Frontier email password

Your email software is now ready to use the Application Specific Password.

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