Welcome to Frontier!

We are aware of how much you rely on your Internet and email services, so our goal is to provide you with the same level of service you've had as a Verizon customer. You will be notified in advance if there are any changes to your current services. Frontier Communications offers a full suite of Internet, TV, phone, protection and online security, and texting products.

We've enhanced many of our services for all of our customers in preparation for your arrival. We have been working for quite some time to ensure a smooth transition from your Verizon account, providing as much continuity as possible. For example:

  • You can keep the @verizon.net email address you have now, but you must take required action. Verizon has arranged for customers in California, Florida and Texas to keep your verizon.net email address for as long as you wish—along with your saved messages, file attachments, folders, contacts and calendars—by moving your verizon.net email account to AOL Mail. But you must go to  https://webmail.verizon.com to activate your new AOL Mail account. Simply click the link, agree to AOL's terms and conditions, and you will re-gain access to your email account. You can learn more about moving your verizon.net email to AOL Mail  here.
  • Your dialup Internet connection will have the same service level as before. Only your dialup number and password will change. Frontier will provide new dialup numbers for you to use after April 2016. You will find them on frontier.com.
  • Your download and upload speeds on your FiOS® or High-Speed Internet service will not change.
  • Your current modem or gateway router will continue to work with your Frontier Internet services. There is no need to return or exchange your working equipment.

To find out more about your Frontier Internet services, including how to create a Frontier email account, visit our Help Center. Also be sure to read this collection of pdf-icon Internet FAQs and the most frequently asked questions about pdf-icon your Frontier services. We also have special FAQs written in Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Cambodian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Still need help? Call 1.800.239.4430 or Live Chat

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