Configure My Router

When you upgrade or get a new FiOS®, Vantage™ or High-Speed Internet service, Frontier provides you with a router*.

Your Frontier internet service must first be activated with the router, which is uniquely tied to your account. It is often required for peak performance of your voice and TV services.

Once your service is activated, you may choose to replace your Frontier router with your own. However, you may miss out on these important benefits:

  • The Best Router for Your Services. The router provided is optimized for your Frontier services.
    • The router is authenticated with the Frontier network, whether installed by a Frontier technician or by self-installation kit.
    • A non-Frontier router may not be compatible with your services.
  • Free Technical Support. Technical support is free for Frontier routers. Should you need support, you must reconnect your Frontier-provided router before calling our toll-free number.
  • Included in Your Service Fee. You will be charged a monthly lease fee for your Frontier router whether you use it or not. If you upgrade your service and require a new router, it is already included in your service fee.

We want you to get the most from our services! The Frontier router is the best option for you.

*Your Frontier-provided router may be a combined router and modem or a gateway.

The FiOS® marks are owned by Verizon Trademark Services LLC and used under license.

Still need help? Call 1.800.239.4430 or Live Chat

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