configure your router and enjoy your wireless network

a typical wireless routerSelect your device below for detailed instructions on how to set your specific router or modem to work wirelessly. This will enable you to have a wireless network, providing connectivity and Internet access to all of your wireless-capable devices.

Note: To create your wireless network you will need your router or gateway's default name and password. The default  SSID or ESSID (Extended Service Set Identifier) and password should be printed on a sticker on the bottom of your router, similar to this:
Sticker on an Actiontec router

Use the information on the sticker unless you have already changed the SSID/ESSID and password.

To configure your FiOS Internet Router to work wirelessly:

1 You can make an internet connection with either an Ethernet cable connected to Ethernet wall jack installed in your home and to your router or a coaxial cable connected to a coaxial wall jack installed in your home and to the red Coax port on back of your router.
2 Open web browser and go to
3 Enter admin for user name and default password printed on sticker on bottom of router. (You can change this password later). Click OK.

To configure your Linksys router to work wirelessly:

1 Open web browser and go to
2 Enter a username and password. Both are admin by default.
3 Click Wireless.
4 Click Wireless Security link.
5 Security Mode should be disabled. Select WEP option.
6 Leave Default Transmit Key set to 1.
7 In Passphrase field enter password for router to use and click Generate.
8 Select one of the keys provided, write it down and save it. This key allows computers to access your wireless network.
9 Click Save Settings. (If you're using a wireless connection at this time, your connection will drop.)

To configure your SpeedStream 6520 or SE 567 Gateway to work wirelessly:

1 Open web browser and go to
  • If there are six icons under Gateway Options, proceed to Step 3.
  • If there are only three icons under Gateway Options, click GO to right of Log In field at top of screen.
2 Log in with username and password (usually admin for both).
3 Click Home Network icon under Gateway Options.
4 Click Advanced Settings in Home Network window.
5 Select Configure the Local SpeedStream Gateway Wireless Network in Advanced Home Networking window.
6 If wireless network is turned off, you'll see Disabled in field next to State in Wireless Summary window. Click Begin Wireless Wizard button.
7 Select Enable option under Wireless Interface in Wireless Setup Configuration window. Enter a name for your wireless network in SSID field. Select a channel—we recommend 1, 6, or 11. Click Next.
8 Select  WEP 128-bit from Security Mode drop-down menu in Wireless Security Configuration window. Check box for Enable SSID Broadcast. Click Next.
9 Enter unique, secure password in Passphrase field in Wireless 128-bit WEP Configuration window. Click Generate Keys and then Next.
10 Click Next on Wireless Filter Configuration window.
11 Click Next on Wireless Options Configuration window.
12 Click Finish.
13 Wireless Summary window displays your SSID, Channel, and WEP key (called Security Key Info).

To configure your Westell 7500 or Netgear 7550 Gateway to work wirelessly:

1 Open web browser and go to:
2 Click Wireless Settings and then Basic Settings.
3 Make sure wireless is turned On and enter a name for your network in SSID box. Click Apply.
4 Select Advanced Security Settings or Security Settings from menu.
5 Select WPA Wireless Security. On next screen, create WPA Shared Key. This will be the password for your wireless network. Click Apply.

If you want to use your own router—not one supplied by Frontier—you may:

1 Contact your router's manufacturer for assistance.
2 Sign up for Premium Technical Support from Frontier Secure.
3 Use Frontier-provided networking equipment and get free help from Frontier. To upgrade from a modem to a Wi-Fi gateway, please contact us.
Connecticut Customers: Here are  basic instructions for configuring your Frontier-supplied DSL modem to work with your own router.

For more information on preparing your computer to connect to the wireless signal, please see Connect My Computer (Wireless).

Still need help? Call 1.800.239.4430 or Live Chat

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